Customer Stories

Ai N.

Like many others, I've suffered from eczema on my hands and legs for over 20 years, and I've tried every product out there, including prescription ointments. My hands would wake me up at night, my fingers bloody from me scratching them through the night. My fingers would crack open and swell, often making it so that I couldn't close my hands into even a loose fist, or to safely grasp the steering wheel. The only thing that would make a difference was prescription steroid ointment.

I had gotten so used to the constant pain, itching, swelling, flaking, peeling, and picking, that when Fairwell popped up on my feed, I bought it more to support my friend, not necessarily because expected it to do much other than to moisturize. I'd been let down so many times before.

However, after the first application, it felt like the wildfire burning sensation on my hands were immediately put out. My hands felt calm, and the open wounds felt dry, versus its perpetual "wet" and raw state. By the 5th day of regular AM/PM application, my hands had HEALED - no open wounds, no painful patches - and I was able to use regular hand cream for sensitive skin throughout the day.



Nicole C.

I have grown up with eczema my whole life... On my neck, elbows, hands and sometimes face. I have used many products in my life (including steroid creams) and have "made it work" but at the end of the day, my eczema would come back due to stress or cold weather conditions. I have learned to live with and treat my irritated skin as it comes and goes.

My friend told me to try out Fairwell a few months back and I only got around to purchasing my first order last week. The product came quickly and I used it for the first time on Sunday, March 28. I loved how cool and lightweight the product felt on my skin. I continued to use the product just once a day (though the recommendation is twice a day) and the results were unbelievable! Seriously, like magic. Last night (Thu, March 31) my dryness and inflammation has disappeared - I personally have never seen results this quickly!

I am so glad to have found Fairwell Cream and will continue to use it! I highly recommend anyone that has tried it all and is looking for another solution - this is your answer!

Jodie M.

This was taken during month 5 of topical steroid withdrawal. My hands are one of the hardest hit body parts going through TSW. Fairwell Cream gave me instant relief with the itchiness and improved the overall texture of my dry/flakey skin. It also had a light, soothing scent to it which made it enjoyable to use. I am so excited to continue to use this product on my hands to keep up the healing process.

Jodie hand progress

Julie B. 

When I stopped using steroids I was looking for something totally natural, something that didn’t have any nasty chemicals because I was sick of the big industries’ toxic products. I found a few brands with natural ingredients, some worked really good, others not so much.

When I started to use the Fairwell cream I was so surprised by the carefully selected ingredients and by how good the cream smells! It absorbed in my skin pretty quickly, it didn’t irritate my skin at all and in a few days it made my skin smooth and healthy looking! I use this cream on days my skin looks and feels more dry than usual and I’m pretty happy with it!

Apart from the great natural cosmetics let’s be real ladies: the real way to heal our skin is through healthy food choices and stress management consistently, day by day.


Maggie P.

I have been battling with rashes/eczema around my eyes, around lips and on my neck for over a year. It literally came out of no where and I got put on steroid cream after steroid cream and even some steroid pills and allergy meds… which nothing helped. Then I started looking into natural treatment for these rashes because I was worried about the negative impact of steroids on my health and skin.

I came across this cream and decided I should try it at this point and omg my problem has been gone like it never happened!...I went back to normal being able to do my makeup again and feel normal not red, swollen, puffy, scaly, or itchy ! I am so happy I found this product and grateful for it!


Katie J. 

I have memories of having eczema as a kid, but thankfully it was never too severe. I spent most of my life having clear, smooth skin, with the occasional flare up which I’d ‘treat’ with hydrocortisone. Over time, hydrocortisone became Dermasone, then Betnovate, then Advantan, and my skin was getting progressively worse. I found out about Topical Steroid Addiction a little too late, and had already begun the withdrawal process without much knowledge of what I’d signed up for.

What followed that was 14 months of the most intense ups and downs, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. An absolute nightmare of a rollercoaster, on a journey that’s been said to be “worse than cancer”. I also struggled to find suitable medical support, given the paradox that I wouldn’t have been in this situation had it not been for medical intervention.

The saving grace about TSW is that, with it being a withdrawal process, there is an end to it. I was fortunate enough to come across Fairwell Skincare at a turning point in my healing journey, and it has been so helpful in soothing and calming any allergen flares I may have. Where these used to cause me a fair bit of anxiety, fearing that I was going into a flare again, I have the peace of mind that I can simply rinse the area with cool water, pop some Fairwell on and it’ll calm down! I also love that it’s entirely natural ingredients, which is a non-negotiable criteria given my history with pharmaceuticals!